Composed of highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in the fixed income market, the Credit Department is based on credit analysis discipline, teamwork and client satisfaction.

In order to make the process more refined and assertive, the credit operation is divided into three segments: Asset Analysis/Management, Asset Structuring/Origination and Stressed Assets.

The Asset Analysis/Management and Asset Structuring/Origination segments are based on investment strategies designed to maximize the return/risk ratio of their products, which include monitoring the market, analyzing credit, preparing portfolio breakdown studies and tracking invested assets.

The Stressed Assets segment aims to provide services to holders of non-performing credit assets and/or those whose structure is weak, in order to generate liquidity and/or increase guarantees through judicial or extrajudicial agreements.

Investment Strategy:

High Grade

Strategy focused on choosing the best opportunities in assets with low credit risk and high liquidity.


Strategy with average liquidity and low concentration of assets designed to optimize the return/risk/liquidity ratio.

High Yield

Strategy that seeks the best returns through the acquisition of assets structured by BRZ Investimentos and/or its partners. The portfolio is composed of higher asset concentration and low liquidity.

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