Logística Brasil FIP

Created to invest in the Brazilian logistics infrastructure industry, which needs investments and has significant potential for growth.
Beginning: August 2006

Empreendedor Brasil FMIEE

Created to invest in emerging companies as a professional minority shareholder, it proactively influences company managers and controlling shareholders in order to encourage sustained growth and value creation.
Beginning: August 2007

Brasil Agronegócio FIP

Created to offer extraordinary returns to its shareholders through investments in various companies, projects and assets related to agribusiness, an industry in which Brazil has clear competitive advantages.
Beginning: February 2010

Brasil Sustentabilidade FIP

The fund targets investments in companies where it can help develop and strengthen sustainable practices in line with corporate strategies.
Beginning: March 2010

Brasil Portos e Ativos Logísticos FIP

Fund created by BRZ Investimentos to invest in port, retroport, warehousing or distribution assets, catering to the Brazilian import and export markets.
Beginning: March 2012

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